How to Remove Rusted Bolts The first thing you need to do is decide if. Step 2: Remove as Much Rust as Possible. If the bolt is deemed salvageable,. Step 3: Remove as Much Rust as Possible. Rust should be removed from the root. Step 4: Select the Proper Tool. Select the proper tool. Video of the Day. Clean the residue off the rusted bolt with a small brush. If the bolt is not corroded, a simple dry cloth will do. Spray liberally with WD 40 and tap the head of the bolt with a screwdriver or hammer. This rust treatment will allow the WD 40 hererate the grooves on the bolt and will get more solution to the root of the problem. Take a wire brush and knock-off any corrosion on the bolt head. You want to ensure your socket is seated fully onto the fastener. Don’t lead off with an impact wrench or breaker bar. Instead, try to see if you can break the bolt free with your trusty socket wrench.

Q. I am having a tough time removing rusted bolts on a total restoration project. Can someone offer a lead on removing them? Thanks. A. This is a question every car enthusiasts have asked themselves.