Deck, fence and siding fasteners help secure wood and other materials that retain moisture. This moisture can seep into your fasteners , resulting in rust and corrosion for fasteners that are left unprotected. Tip: Look for polymer-coated, galvanized or hot-dipped fasteners when working outdoors with lumber and other materials for decks, fences and siding. UHMW Polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Vinyl. Wood 1-16 of over 2,000 results for galvanized wood screws Apply Filters Hide Filters. Machine Screws . Socket Head Screws . Sheet Metal Screws . Self-Tapping Screws . Concrete Screws . Wood Screws . Cutting Screws . Thumb Screws . Shoulder Screws See more. Head Style. Flanged Hex. Flat. Modified Truss. Pan. Truss. 12-Point. Binding.

Installing fencing using treated wooden posts, house or barn roofs, and outdoor furniture are just a few examples. Materials exposed to rain, sun, snow, or intensely cold temperatures could benefit from the use of galvanized screws as fasteners . If your fence will be planked with an untreated wood variety such as cedar or redwood, you could use galvanized screws . The zinc coating on galvanized screws helps prevent them from rusting and staining or discoloring you fence planks. Galvanized Screws . For untreated wood like redwood and cedar, galvanized screws heremended. These screws are coated with zinc that prevents the wood from staining, rusting, and discoloring. You can buy them in one, five, or twenty-five-pound boxes. Lag Screws . Lag screws are utilized in heavy planking and tall wood fences .

Galvanized steel or other fasteners are acceptable to use with non-pressure-treated wood fencing. Because the wood is not pressure-treated, you do not need to worry about the fastener material reacting poorly to the wood . You can use both nails and screws on a wood fence – Related Searches: Using Screws for a Wooden Fence Generally, nails can be quickly and easily hammered into a wooden fence with little resistance from the wood itself. Screws take more time, often requiring holes to be drilled before the application of the screw .

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