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What They Are: These glittery, interactive cat-like pets are adorable fur balls with tails that wrap around your wrist, backpack, purse, whatever!They react to stimuli, meowing, purring, and hiccuping. Pomsies have huge eyes that glow different colors revealing their mood. Home Reading Room News - Daily newspapers produced by the Government of Burma/Myanmar (archive from June 2003) The [Global] New Light of Myanmar, Kyemon and Myanmar Alin The Global New Light of Myanmar 2016 all of which seemed pretty weak, I set out to make my own design. I made my first DIY beauty dish mid-December 2009 – the Mark I. While together with my brother Chris for the holidays, we decided to undertake construction of the Mark II design. The main differences between the first and second designs center around tweaks to the beauty dish's internal reflector.